Here, taking a look at a fountain that will add to the surrounding atmosphere of living spaces.  If we find the fountain that suits our position in life for water crashing, offering us some level of peace of mind, we don’t mind investing a few hundred dollars in a fountain that will offer this for our family.  Why not enjoy the shopping for a fountain, from hundreds of dollars to thousands of dollars, there’s a fountain to meat your budget, but there are some fountains that will offer more than just a water crash, but a euphoric experience in the mind.

Greenery Plant

How to grow a plant from germination.  In order to take the original seed, you must first place it in a spongy foam environment so that it is exposed to moisture.  When the moisture hits and water drizzles through the sponge, the seed sprouts, and roots hit the source of water flowing underneath. In order to keep the germination process going, do not interrupt this process.  Watch and let it grow.  Don’t forget the nutrients.

Painting of special artist



This photo resembles a connection between two people.  A touch, a sense, a piece of art reflecting a sensitive touch of love.   This photo was acquired by a gentleman who was walking door to door, selling the original canvas for $50.00.  This was it.

Painting of Love



The second part of the sensitive touch and feel of love, this was a continuation, another $50.00 was spent for this piece of art.

Dolphin Swimming



Recently, in La Jolla, California, a mall reconstructed to add a fountain of water with dolphin statues, as if it looked so real, the imagery of imagination was so cool and felt like we were in the ocean playing with dolphins.



Egg Avocado Cheese Sandwich



Thanks to the cooking shows on YouTube, we were able to compose this sandwich as a result of learning how to find the right ingredients and prepare accordingly.  The sandwich turned out fantastic, and tasted just like it looks.

Fan Light



After selecting the right fan for the right bedroom, this particular fan emitted a light that was able to be dimmed, but broadcasted a light that was enough to light up the entire room  The fan was not as fast, as it fit just perfectly for the large space it was installed in.

Bug on the Wall




Pancake House in Laguna Hills.  This was the greatest experience of enjoying a nice breakfast with a side of pancakes.